The Act Belong Commit CVC Circus Troupe had the honour of being involved in the 50th Annual Perth Christmas Pageant on 4 December 2021. 

Students wowed the approximately 50, 000 strong audience with their epic skills on special light up circus equipment. The audience cheered and clapped for our amazing acrobats who were definitely a crowd favourite. 

The students had a great time! If you missed the live parade, you can catch them in action on Christmas morning; the Perth parade will be shown on Channel 7 across the whole nation! Keep an eye out for our amazing performers at the start of the parade! They were item 19 and sporting our big Act Belong Commit Canning Vale College sign.  

‘Keeping active, alert and engaged with the world around us (Act), having a feeling of belonging and a sense of identity (Belong), and doing things that give meaning and purpose to life (Commit) all contribute to our overall wellbeing.’