Attendance and Absentees

Absent from School All Day

SMS on 0400 213 039 or call 9334 9026 from a registered contact number with students FULL NAME and provide a reason for absence (sick, appointment, bereavement, holiday etc). Note: if no reason is provided the absence will be recorded as unacceptable.

Late to School

  • Student must sign in on Student Services kiosk when arriving late to school (start time for Session 1 – 8:50am).
  • Parent/Guardian must provide a valid reason for student’s lateness before 10:00am (e.g., transport, appointment, family reasons). If approval is received after 10:00am the parent or guardian may receive a sms alert advising that the student is absent from school. The sms upload is sent out every morning at a designated time just after 10:00am.
  • If a valid reason is not provided the students lateness may incur a detention and will not be approved.

Leaving for Appointment of Family Reasons

  • Parent/Guardian should ideally notify the school in the morning of the absence by SMS or calling the numbers supplied above with student’s name, time leaving and reason.
  • Note: Parents/Guardians arriving to collect students without prior notice unless it is in an emergency may have to wait up to 20 minutes to collect the student. We have student runners which may be busy or if a student is in PE or on recess or lunch break it can take longer to get the note to them. Prior notice is essential!!

Students Leaving Sick

If a student feels sick during class time, they must advise the teacher and go and see the nurse or in her absence a staff member in Student Support. If they are too sick to stay at school a staff member will call the parent or guardian to confirm pick up or permission to leave and sign out. Note: Students should not call a family member directly unless a staff member has requested them to use their phone to call the family member.

Written Communication

Written communication (medical certificates, approval for extended leave etc) can be sent through to our email address (

Please be aware we can only contact family members or contacts they have previously been provided to the school and are listed as contacts on the students record. (Ideally a parent or guardian should provide 3 emergency contacts).