Creating Futures

Our school motto captures our desire for every student to engage in meaningful education programs in a safe, positive and encouraging environment and develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to achieve their potential.

Lower School

The lower school Curriculum continues to develop broad educational knowledge and skills in the core areas of Math, Science, English, HASS, PE & Health Education, in addition to elective subjects.


Our Academic, Music, Visual Art, Languages and STEM Specialist Programs are selective and highly competitive.


Upper School

The diversity of courses at Canning Vale College offers opportunities for young adults preparing for a range of post secondary pathways, including further education, training or employment.

A Message From Our Principal

“In 2018, I had the privilege of joining Canning Vale College as Principal.

At Canning Vale College, we are committed to “Creating Futures.”

 We support every student to engage, progress and develop throughout their time at our College so that they can transition to their chosen post school options and contribute responsibly and positively to their community and society as a whole.

We are the leading school of choice in our local area and our daily focus is on care and concern for our students, diverse and high quality teaching and learning, maintaining and building connection to our community and local networks, enabling us to provide differentiation of curriculum delivery and positive outcomes for all students.

 My 40+ years of service in a wide range of country and metropolitan schools, including the Pilbara and Goldfields, has provided me with a wealth of experience. This has been in a variety of areas including Aboriginal education, culturally and linguistically diverse communities as well as extensive Student Support experience. I believe all students have the potential to make a positive contribution to 21st century society and that schools of today must provide a differentiated curriculum that meets the needs and aspirations of all students, ensuring success for all.”

Paul Bottcher – Principal

Canning Vale College

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