Approved Specialist Languages

An academic program providing opportunities for selected academically able students to develop their language skills, increase their linguistic understandings, apply their intercultural understandings, and explore different perspectives of the world.

Approved Specialist Languages Program

Our approved specialist programs are open to students outside of our local catchment area.

The Languages Specialist Program is an academic program focusing on the development of language skills and their application in real-life contexts. Its aim is to prepare students for a future in an increasingly globalised world by providing them with a solid foundation of skills in their chosen language which incorporates highly developed communication skills, intercultural competence and problem solving strategies. It is suited to students who are interested in a variety of industries including business, hospitality, journalism, law, environmental sciences and medicine.

The program provides opportunities for selected academically able students to develop their language skills; increase their linguistic understandings; apply and develop their literacy and numeracy skills in a new context; apply their intercultural understandings; and explore different perspectives of the world. The learning outcomes for students focus on developing the necessary skills to communicate in their chosen language; to strengthen their intellectual, analytical and reflective skills; to enhance their creative and critical thinking skills; and to explore the inter-relatedness of language, culture and identity. 

Canning Vale College will award places in the Languages Specialist Program initially to selected students at Year 7 level each year from 2020 into either the Italian or Indonesian pathway. The program comprises 3 hours of formal tuition per week and an additional 3-hour incursion or excursion in each term:
• 2 hours of Languages (chosen language)
• 1 hour of Extension Languages after-school tuition (chosen language)
• 3 hours of participation in incursion/excursion (1 per Term)

Students’ skills and knowledge will be significantly extended and enhanced through the varied program elements each year. To remain in the program students must maintain a sound academic performance, actively participate in all class and extra-curricular activities and conform to the school’s assessment and behaviour management policy. This program will run through until Year 11 when students commence their chosen senior school pathway.

The program is selective and highly competitive. Initial entry is subject to an interview and the results of an Academic Extension Test that will be offered during Term 2 of the previous year to commencement.