Approved Specialist

Visual Art

A program designed to support and extend students talented in Visual Arts. Students learn to develop and extend their skills in practical art making through a range of traditional and contemporary techniques.

Approved Specialist Visual Arts Program

Our approved specialist programs are open to students outside of our local catchment area.

The Canning Vale College Approved Specialist Visual Art Program is designed to support and extend students talented in the Visual Arts. In this program students are introduced to a range of art techniques and opportunities that are not available in regular art classes. Students learn to develop and extend their skills in practical art making through a range of traditional and contemporary techniques. Students visit different galleries and exhibitions, both traditional and contemporary, seeing important works from around the world.

The Benefits of Arts in Education 
Research into the effectiveness of arts education constantly asserts that study in this area not only increases individual creativity but also; motor skills, decision making, processing of graphic symbolism, cultural awareness, confidence and self-esteem, resilience, ability to collaborate with others and accountability. Students studying in the arts at least 3 hours a week have also been proven to have higher academic performance, making those students four times more likely to be recognised for their academic achievements.

After School Art Classes
The program is delivered in two parts. The classes students attend are designed to challenge and extend the understandings and technical abilities of the students involved. In addition to sessions during regular college times students also attend one session after school on a Wednesday from 3:10 to 5pm. During this after school session professional local artists deliver engaging and challenging programs for students.

The Year 10 afterschool component of the Visual Arts Extension program has endorsed course status. This means that participants in the course gain points that contribute toward their Year 12 graduation requirements.

Digital Components
In 2018 the program took on board the implementation of Information and Communications Technology and digital making processes in a variety of applications. Classes have implemented the use of tablet based sketch and design programs, a range of Adobe suite programs have been taught by tutors and we have recently implemented Virtual Reality drawing and sculpting technology.

Program Objectives
   –  To develop knowledge, perceptions, creative thinking, problem solving and practical skills in the Visual Arts.
   –  Provide a range of traditional & contemporary skill instruction, including knowledge from visiting professional artists/tutors that prepare students to successfully undertake ATAR Visual Art studies.
   –  Provide opportunity for gallery visits and other excursions or camps.
   –  Positive community engagement.
   –  Develop students’ abilities in the areas of; critical reasoning and problem solving, interpersonal communication and leadership, emotional intelligence. 

Selection Process
All applicants will be invited to attend the aptitude test. The aptitude test and assessment of visual art skills will involve a session of structured art making activities. This enables applicants to demonstrate their creative skills and abilities within a safe and supportive group environment. Based on these activities, students will then be contacted for a portfolio interview with their parent. Students will need to bring a portfolio of their best artwork to be reviewed. Thereafter, successful applicants will be contacted.

Tips for Applicants
Keep a visual diary documenting your artwork, this should include drawings from real life objects e.g. fruit, bottles, toys. Practice drawing techniques using a variety of different media e.g. pencil, charcoal and pastel. Previous applicants have collected a variety of artworks for the folio interview process e.g. paintings, sculpture and photos, animations and digital based work, works in progress, teacher recommendations and certificates. Bring a positive attitude some of the favourite things you have created and be prepared to discuss them!

Past Achievements
The last few years were big for the arts at CVC. We have successfully entered a multitude of competitions and community events showing off our students’ artistic talents and achievements to the public. Student work has been exhibited in events such as Hyper Vision, Metamorphosis, The Young Originals, and the Art Gallery of WA’s Pulse Perspectives (a showcase of the work from top art students across the state). Furthermore, in 2017 CVC Arts was awarded overall school excellence awards for Visual Arts at the National Black Swan Prize for Portraiture.

Each year we look forward to engaging students in the very best of art opportunities and experiences. This program is designed to support young artists to grow and develop their own artistic abilities and creative thinking. Students who take part in the program develop not only specific arts based technical skills but also develop extensively in the areas of; interpersonal communications, analysis, critical thinking and rational problem solving as well teamwork and leadership. These skills are recognised as vital for a great deal of employment options and prospective university or TAFE placements.