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Please feel free to call our administration office between the hours of 8am – 3:30pm.

Address: 26 Dumbarton Road, Canning Vale WA 6155


General Enquiries: (08) 9334 9000

To alert the school of your child’s absence, please use one of the following numbers:

Absentee Line: (08) 9334 9026
Absentee SMS: 0400 213 039

Enrolments: or (08) 9334 9000

IT/Technical Support: or (08) 9334 9006

Paul Bottcher Principal
Jane McCaffrey

Associate Principal 

College Development
Neil Freckelton Associate Principal Operations & HR
Kyle Quirk Associate Principal Student Engagement & Support
Colleen Ernst Associate Principal Curriculum & Student Performance
Debbie Oorjitham Manager Corporate Services 


Kyle Quirk Associate Principal Student Engagement & Support
Glenn Carpenter Manager Yrs 7-9
Duncan Sanderson Manager Yrs 10-12
Andy Gray Year 7 Coordinator
Varina Earle Year 8 Coordinator
Michelle Taylor Year 9 Coordinator
 Liz Van De Sande Year 10 Coordinator
Gemma Reid Year 11 Coordinator
Aaron Simich Year 12 Coordinator
Lana Hayes Psychologist
Boyd Hall Chaplain
Angela Somerville Nurse
Jennifer Hood Learning Support Coordinator
Kate O’Toole Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator



Melissa Vyse Head of Learning
Yasmine Bashir English
Peter Berger English
Anna Di Noto English
Joyce Ho English
Lyn Battersby English
Manoj Kuriakose English
Evans Mageto English
Rachel Edward English
Alison Campbell English
Duncan Urquhart English
Marie Hornsby English
Gemma Reid English
Denise Schultz English
Alana Wilkinson English




Letitia Michael Head of Learning 
Trista Barnes HASS
Konrad De Frenne HASS
Jessica Gray HASS
Imtiaz Ismail HASS 
Jordan Lenihan HASS
Kylie McCathie HASS
Mark Mulholland HASS
Donnelly Smith Business
Chelsy Young HASS
Kenece Bonilla-Cerna HASS
Jaspal Singh HASS
Desiree Ellison HASS
Aisling McGovern HASS
Merle Raman HASS




Trevor Beanland Head of Learning
Amar Alkenany  Maths
Ammar Badawi Maths 
Graham Braid Maths
Lakshmi Chillapa Maths
Soheila Taebi Maths
Ben Fogarty Maths
Eric Greipl  Maths
Sharon Hardy Maths
Lorraine Parker Maths
Dolores Poyser Maths
Maria Rivasborge Maths
Raymond Scata Maths




Damian Millar Head of Learning
Joneen Carnell Science
Joel Davies Science
Christopher Deacon Science
Liezl Esterhuysen Science
Emily Edwards  Science
Luke Job           Science
Andrew Mounsey Science
Cliff Naidu Science
Aaron Richards Science
Bianca Riksman Science
Michael Smith Science
Kim Thorne Science
Debbie Veiga Science




Marisa Spina Music
Sarah Calvert Drama 
Vivienne Criddle Arts
Marisa Scidone Dance
Damien Culverwell Music
Rebecca Harrison Music
Karin Hotchkin Art
Victoria Morgan Art
Nathan Peake Art


Health & PE


Jamie Connelly Head of Learning
Erin Arrow Health & PE
Mark Candeloro Health & PE
Miranda Cooke Health & PE
Joel Harding Health & PE
Terrence Kuppusamy Health & PE
Jay Lang Health & PE
Kat Winchester Health & PE
Liam Quinn Health & PE
Aaron Simich Health & PE 




Federica Verdina Head of Learning
Julia Guaraglia Languages (Italian)
Kiara Rawlings Languages (Italian)
Shree Kannan Languages (Indonesian)
Lynda Melling Languages (Italian)


Technology & Enterprise


Aaron White Head of Learning
Kylie De Meo Home Economics
Michael Fic ICT/Media
Simon Gobby D&T
Kirsty Hirschberg Home Economics
Kari Johnson Home Economics
Troy Jones ICT
Stephen Jones D&T
Rachel Lee Home Economics
Kaysey McIlwaine Home Economics
Stan Mmopi D&T 
Anita Piccioni   ICT
Tanja Stock Home Economics
Bianca Greyvenstein ICT
Liz Van De Sande ICT & Media
Pepita Greenwood Home Economics

Education Support


Megan Porter Ed. Support Teacher
Jane Moodley Foundations Teacher
Thiri Singh Foundations Teacher

Vocational Education & Training (VET)


Julie Govorko Program Coordinator VET