Our Year 10 and 11 students hosted a Question & Answer session at Campbell Primary School on Thursday 2 December 2021. The goal of this session was to answer any questions and reassure Year 6 students transitioning into high school. The feedback we received reaffirms our students are supportive and inclusive.

Campbell Primary School shared the following:

“It was an absolute privilege to hear your students speak so confidently to answer our students’ questions about high school today. 

The students listened really carefully to each other’s responses and added additional supporting detail whenever it was needed. Their manner towards our students was so friendly and supportive. 

Your students were able to allay lots of concerns about high school while reinforcing the importance of true friendships, effective study habits and not being afraid to ask for help from anyone. 

Divilias’ message about not needing to try to be cool but to be honest, true to yourself and respectful was really heartfelt and stuck a chord with many of our students. 

Thank you for enabling your students to come and talk with us as part of our transition to high school program. 

We do hope that we can continue this again next year.”