The approach to education in the Upper School will build upon the principles and practices developed in the Lower School. The focus across the entire school is to maximise student learning in partnership with parents and the school community. The senior school has been designed to promote a transition towards independent learning.

Year 10 students will have a general education course but your child will also have an opportunity to select from a range of 'specialist subjects' from the learning areas of Technology and Enterprise, The Arts and Physical Education. This will allow your child to begin to focus and specialise in preparation for Year 11 and 12.

In the upper years, students will select courses that combine to give a broad vocational direction. Your child will have access to the full range of post school destinations, such as University, TAFE and employment. Students in this phase of schooling will be supported to be independent learners.

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum continues to develop broad educational knowledge and skills. Your child's learning will be focused on the core Learning Areas of Mathematics, Science, English, Humanities & Social Sciences and Physical & Health Education. In addition, they will be given the opportunity of selecting from a range of Curriculum Extension Programs from the Learning Areas of Technology & Enterprise, The Arts, Languages (LOTE) and Physical Education, in order to complete their learning program. Some of the options offered are:

Technology & Enterprise: Textiles, Foods, Independent Living, Design and Technology, Electronic Game Design, Media Studies, Certificate I in ICT, Digital Media, Business Management and Enterprise 
The Arts: Visual Arts, Visual Arts Extension Program (VAEP), Design, Certificate II in Music, Drama, Dance, Creative Industries (Circus and Performing Arts) TAFE Certificate 
Languages: Italian 
Physical Education: Expedition and Sport Recreation 
Please Note: Each Year 10 Options course will only operate if they attract sufficient numbers and each option has a compulsory charge.

Year 11 & Year 12

From 2008 the school leaving age will be 17. This means that students are expected to remain in some form of education or training until the end of the year that they turn 17. Being a new college we have developed our curriculum to recognise the changing needs in senior schooling. A range of information nights on selecting Year 11 and 12 subjects, University and TAFE entrance, and Careers are held every year. Individual parent student interviews are also made available at any time.

Most students will continue to choose the standard 6 subject course that will lead to University or TAFE; some however will choose a mixture of TAFE, school and work. Canning Vale College caters for students who are university bound, those who have a specific vocation in mind involving further education and training, and those who are planning to directly enter the workforce on leaving school.

Please note: ALL subjects in Year 11 and 12 attract COMPULSORY charges.

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