The Junior Act Belong Commit CVC Circus Troupe had a wonderful community show night. The students performed their first stage show for parents and community members. The show was called ‘Please Think of the Art!?’ – where famous artworks came to life.  

The students did a terrific job, and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance! 

The audience also got the amazing opportunity to watch the Year 10 assessment performances, ‘Terrible Remakes!’ – where students developed intentionally bad remakes of serious dramatic movies and turned the scenes into comedic genius. The audience had the pleasure of witnessing the Year 10’s reimaged ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘The Dark Knight’.  

Thank you so much to Varina Earle, Marisa Scidone, Erin Roberts, and Vivienne Criddle for your support on the show night.  

Remember the Act, Belong, Commit message: 

‘Keeping active, alert and engaged with the world around us (Act), having a feeling of belonging and a sense of identity (Belong), and doing things that give meaning and purpose to life (Commit), all contribute to our overall wellbeing.’