Yesterday, our Year 7 Specialist STEM class competed in the WA Schools Hackathon at Murdoch University.

We were the youngest group there, participating in our first ever Hackathon against older students from other schools.

Students were given the challenge to brainstorm issues faced at school, examine current solutions and find a way in which technology could be used to enhance, improve or completely redesign solutions.

Our students were so thoughtful in creating digital solutions (such as games and websites) for students and teachers alike, that would assist them with study habits, general behaviour management, and ways to address our code of conduct.

They then had to pitch their ideas (Shark Tank style) in front of judges and peers in a lecture theatre. This would have been an extremely daunting task for the students, but they all gave it a go and their overall effort was very impressive.

After the final scores were calculated, the pitch for ‘Social Notes’ from the CVC team was awarded a well-deserved overall second place!