On Saturday morning the CVC Ravens took flight into the first foray of the Tournament of Minds competition at ECU Joondalup. 7 brave students across our Year 7, 9 and 10 STEM and Engineering classes volunteered to take part in a super secretive spontaneous challenge as well as the main challenge to create and present a communication artifact that was to be launched to the ISS as part of a deep space SETI contact scenario.

Their skills in presenting, collaborating and time management were put to the test, with many lunch times and before school sessions volunteered to produce their presentation. The challenge was certainly outside the skill sets of our STEM/engineering students, (it really put the Arts in STEM), but that did not stop them rising to the challenge, even when faced with presenting in a 300 seat lecture theatre rather than a classroom they had practiced in.

Final results are yet to be released but congratulations to Georgia B, Emir D, Olivia P, Ariana C, Tyson V, Jorja S and Keona L for your hard work and dedication!