Congratulations to three of our Year 9 Visual Art students who have been accepted to exhibit at this year’s Young Originals Exhibition, a showcase of artworks produced by WA students. 

Year 9 students Olivia Plant, Si Lin Chen and Claire Haye were all accepted with their ceramic sculptures inspired by the Steampunk genre. They each used a variety of hand building techniques to create their designs into a decorative teapot, complete with removable lid, handle and spout.

Each year Young Originals promotes excellence among the public education system, accepting 2D, 3D works and multimedia works. All submissions are judged by a panel of representatives from the arts community and the rounds are known to be highly competitive.

A huge achievement for our students to gain recognition for their creativity and hard work. The opening of the exhibition will be on Tuesday 7th of September where all works can be viewed in an online gallery (