Year 12 Student Councillors with Mr Richards, Mrs Earle and MLA Southern River Terry Healy

On Tuesday the 10th of August the Year 12 Student Councillors were invited to a tour and lunch at Parliament House.

It was a great experience that we would recommend to anyone especially those interested in politics and law. We got a quick tour of the main halls of Parliament House. It was greatly inspirational to see a hall which contained framed portraits of all the females in power from the beginning of time. Whilst sitting at lunch with MLA Southern River Terry Healy we got firsthand answers about events in parliament. We also got to see a series of small protests outside the Parliament lunchroom which was insightful and led to interesting perspectives on protesting and getting your message across. After lunch we got to watch the Parliament question time, and were present for Mark McGowan’s health industry funding announcement. Overall, the visit was a great experience and is highly recommended.

Written by Year 12 Student Councillors Courtney and Farah.