People Watching by Emma D’Sylva (left) and Oasis Safe Calm by Jackson McMillan (right)

Congratulations to two of our senior school students, Emma D’Sylva (Year 11) and Jackson McMillan (Year 12) who represented CVC exceptionally well at the St. George’s Art Exhibition.

St. George’s Art has become a premier annual event in art education in WA. The exhibition which ran from the 17-25th July provides an outstanding opportunity for public and private school students in Year 10-12 to present their work in the unique “gallery” of St George’s Cathedral, Perth. 

Emma’s art work ‘People Watching’ is “based on my exploration of Perth city, I decided to study the people I saw around me. I wanted to focus on what makes one particular person in a crowd of people stand out and what makes them unique. I used oil pastels on watercolour paper and a bright split complementary colour palette. I was interested in the people I briefly interacted with and the diversity of our city.”

Jackson’s art work “Oasis Calm Safe” was “inspired by the works of William Morris. I explored how we are too often scared of the unknown, stuck in mediocrity and the mundaneness of our lives. However outside this there is an exciting and colourful world. Centrally each piece has a geometric box with constricted text relating to a contradictory feeling of comfort or safety; surrounding this are bright and decorative elements daring us to break out of the box and our comfort zones.”