Late in Term 2, 16 of our Year 10 Earth and Environmental Science students attended ‘Get Into Resources’ at North Metro TAFE.

Get Into Resources is a unique careers event designed to showcase the resources industry to secondary school students. Industry professionals volunteer their time to present hands-on, interactive activities which highlight just some of the over 150 different career opportunities available in the resources sector.

Our students took part in a variety of activities including:

  • extracting copper from malachite by crushing the rock then using electrolysis to collect the copper
  • learning how to map an area to create the best place to drill for an ore body
  • devising a structure to ‘catch’ an egg from a height using only 5 sheets of paper, 30 cm of sticky tape and 5 rubber bands
  • a mine simulation where students experienced what a detonation of a rock face would sound look and feel like