One again we have welcomed some of our students into the Hospitality Course at Canning Vale College. Amongst them are some enthusiastic young chefs. We look forward to seeing them progress over the next two years and hopefully pursue this vocation after leaving school.

Students started the term getting to know each other and learning about the importance of Teamwork. They then got straight into one of the core units of the Certificate, Introduction to Hygiene. Every week a student in the group is chosen to complete a kitchen hygiene inspection, called the “Kitchen Supervisor.” The student is given a clipboard with a cleaning schedule attached and they must go to each group and cross check the workstation from the schedule. If the Kitchen Supervisor is not happy with the state of the kitchen, they inform that group, who then must complete the task satisfactorily before they are dismissed from their duties. It has been a great experience for the students to take on this role and great to see how the students interact in this role.

Students have also been focusing on, a role within the industry. All employees automatically assume the role of “Representative” for the company they work for. Students have learnt how to become an effective host by identifying with customers and their needs. This was demonstrated through services to the school during Parent Teachers Evening. Our students set up a Cafe during the two evenings, preparing various non-alcoholic beverages for staff, students and their parents.

On the last day of term, students celebrated their achievements. Each term, students nominate 3 classmates on the grounds of safety, hygiene, and teamwork. We presented these students with a certificate of achievement and a book. Well done to those students.

Yvonne Stephenson – Hospitality Trainer