On Thursday 8th April Year 11 CVC student Alyssa Bolger and her younger brother Lachlan were awarded the Different Brilliant (Youth) Award at the 2021 Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) Recognition Award ceremony in Sydney. The award ceremony celebrates the incredible achievements happening within our autism community.

The Different Brilliant (Youth) Award recognises an Autistic individual under the age of 21 who has made a significant achievement in their own personal context and is an inspiration to other Autistic people in any area of endeavour.

Alyssa and Lachlan have spent the last 5 years visiting schools in WA to help Autistic students understand what it is like to be on the Austism Spectrum. They also run Alyssa’s Autism Acceptance Project, Brick Time (a safe space for children of all abilities to connect while enjoying Lego building fun) at a local community centre, and have a successful business venture – Lyssie’s Lanyards where they make silicone beaded jewellery that also function as sensory fidget toys.

Congratulations to Alyssa!