As part of their continued environmental conservation program, our Bushranger Cadets recently participated in Clean Up Australia Day. Thankfully the rain held off, so our cadets split into four groups and swept the main zones of the school, before heading onto the oval and across to the wetlands. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our cleaning and gardening staff, our school is extremely clean already. The cadets however, continued to comb the fence lines and garden beds and gathered what they could find, adding recyclables to their Green Batch Recycling Program.

Once the school grounds were complete, the cadets headed to the park across from the school, and continued cleaning this area as well. The cadets regularly clean this park as an ongoing conservation initiative. The new Year 7 cadets did particularly well in adopting the Bushranger spirit. The afternoon was a great success where all cadets should be commended on their attitude and contribution to the community. A Certificate of Participation was awarded to all who participated.