The College currently runs a number of extracurricular homework and revision groups, as well as special interest clubs and groups. Please refer to the following document for a comprehensive list of 2019 classes on offer.

2019 Study/Homework/Clubs Schedule

EAL (English as an Additional Language) Services
CVC is responsive to the needs of EAL students through the appointment of a specialist EAL coordinator, qualified EAL teachers and education assistants. Students at academic risk are supported with a modified curriculum and intensive language instruction to develop the language skills required to achieve secondary school success.

Esports Club
Esports (or Electronic Sports), is competitive video gaming - and it is a lot more difficult (and stressful) than it sounds. We have approximately 55 club members to date, and two regional teams for the games, Overwatch and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). In 2018 team Overwatch were crowned 2018 Regional League National Champions, defeating schools from across Australia. 

90 Plus Club
The 90 Plus Club is a part of Canning Vale College’s dedication to prepare your child for both the school and WACE examinations and maximise their academic achievement. It also forms part of Canning Vale College’s commitment to provide excellence in educational opportunities for students. The program provides one on one mentoring to students who are predicted to reach an ATAR of 90 or above, as well as access to additional study sessions run outside of normal school hours with external providers and externally run academic programs.

Bush Rangers Cadets Program
The aim of the Cadets WA program is to provide an opportunity, particularly within the secondary school system, for young people to participate in interesting and challenging structured training that provides practical life skills, develops leadership, teamwork and initiative skills as well as fostering qualities of community responsibility and service.

Bush Rangers Cadets get involved with conservation projects, go on camps, and perform first aid within the natural environment. They also learn bush survival techniques, about the role of the Department of Parks and Wildlife, as well as how to conduct and present nature conservation research.

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