Approved Specialist Music Program

Canning Vale College offers a vibrant and dynamic Approved Specialist Music Program that focuses on developing students instrumental skills, extending their abilities and creating a love of music. Students will experience all aspects of the modern music industry including performance and music technology. Students in years 7 – 9 are involved in an exciting and hands on class program two hours a week where they compose their own music, learn new instruments and record their works through various music technology mediums.

Music lessons offered at the College include flute, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, classical guitar, electric guitar and bass, percussion and drums, piano, voice and strings with an excellent group of music tutors.

A diverse range of ensembles operate within the College including three Concert Bands, Vocal Group, Ukulele Group, Classical Guitar ensemble as well as a number of smaller contemporary Rock Bands.

Students who continue the Program in Year 10 – 12 enter our highly regarded Certificate Programs that focus on Performance. Year 10 students study a Certificate II in Music and continue on to a Certificate III in Year 11 and 12. This gives students the advantage of having two nationally recognized qualifications before they leave high school, opening pathways to both Tertiary and TAFE pathways for continued music study.

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