Approved Specialist Music Program

Canning Vale College offers an exciting and unique opportunity for students to explore their interest in music by applying for selection into our Music Program. This program is the official Department of Education endorsed music program for this region.

Concert Band instruments (flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion and classical guitar) as well as contemporary instruments (electric guitar, bass, rock drumming, keyboard and vocals) are available to students as an extended part of the school curriculum. Students have the option of taking lessons in a group format or one on one with an excellent group of tutors who are professional musicians working in the music industry.

In addition, all music program students will undertake 2 hours per week of class music study. A variety of ensembles operate at the College, including a Concert Band, a series of Rock Bands and Vocal Groups. Students are able to participate in school concerts throughout the year as well as many other music festivals and public events. This provides a valuable opportunity for students to perform for their peers and the wider community.

Tuition operates in two ways – the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) a Department of Education body, provides free lessons to the College in flute, clarinet, brass and percussion. Some primary schools already support this program, and the general procedure is for students to continue their music studies as they progress to secondary school. New IMSS instruments available for study at CVC include electric guitar and bass guitar.

To further enhance our Music Program, we have broadened the instruments available for offer in our Instrumental Program. These do incur some costs as they are not part of the IMSS program and are specifically designed for Canning Vale College. Instruments include cello, rock drumming, violin, contemporary keyboard and vocal tuition. Lesson duration is 30 minutes and conducted once a week with students coming out of normal classes to participate. It is expected that students catch up on any missed work.

To apply for this program please fill out the CVC Approved Specialist Application Form.

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