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During the 2 weeks prior to the school ball, the Year 12 business classes worked tirelessly on the production of the tickets, place cards and certificates for the Night on the Red Carpet Ball, held at The Esplanade in Fremantle on the 2nd of March 2018.

Everything from the design to the production of these items was conducted in class, with students giving input about elements and principles of design. Mrs Smith’s class worked on the design and production of the tickets and the design of the place cards, while Ms Grant’s class worked on the production of the place cards, and the design and production of the certficates to be given on the night. Ms D’Sylva, Year 12 Coordinator provided the classes with the concepts of what was required and the rest developed from there, eventually reaching the amazing final result that all students got to see on the night.

As this was the first year that each ball ticket had individual names printed on them, instead of numbers, Mrs Smith assumed the leadership role on this task. All of the names of students and teachers attending were split between students and classes, to be entered individually on the template that was set up. Once this was done the ticket was printed, cut out, laminated and then trimmed to the required size. The place cards then had individual names entered on the template and were printed and trimmed to size. Finally, the certificates were printed ready for the recipients names to be written on the night. 

Both classes were organised into teams so that each student had a specific task to complete. Whether it was entering student or teachers names on invites or place cards, cutting, laminating, trimming or shredding. Both classes worked extremely hard to ensure all deadlines were met, and enjoyed the opportunity to have real experience in creating products that were on par with tickets purchased in previous years.

Two days before the ball all 227 invites were finished and distributed to their intended recipients. Students from both classes were involved in delivering the invites. Ms D’Sylva and the Student Services team provided the information for where to deliver the invites for all of the students, and all had been delivered by the end of the day. By Friday morning (the day of the ball) all 227 place cards, and 22 certificates were delivered to Ms D’Sylva in Student Services ready for the evening to follow. Later that afternoon,

All in all, the night was a success and years from now, students will have their invites as a reminder of the awesome night.

Mrs Smith - Business Teacher

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