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She may not be ready to conquer the seven seas just yet, but Kaela Blackburn has learnt the tools of the trade after a special, week-long voyage.

The 2017 CVC graudate completed the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Youth Explorer Voyage aboard the STS Leeuwin II with 40 other youths, supported by Diabetes WA.

Ms Blackburn was given the chance to operate the ship and help steer it, while also making sure she kept her diabetes in check by testing her blood glucose regularly and calculating how much insulin she needed along the way.

Kaela said she thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and learning how to operate the ship after overcoming an initial bout of sea-sickness.

“It was really good, the first few days I was a bit sick, but the people were really good, the food was amazing and I learnt a lot with the ropes, it kept you on your feet,” she said. “I didn’t think I was going to be able to steer a ship, but they let me do it one night.”

- Article sourced from the Comment News.

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