2018 NDAS

Friday 16th March was National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). For our school, the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence provides an opportunity to start meaningful discussions about how we can all work together to address bullying and violence.

At CVC we aim to create a safe and supportive school community for everyone. On Friday Student Services ran the following events:

  • Assemblies with a Bullying NO Way! theme.
  • Year 7 students attended a presentation by Jonathon Beninca during session 5, on rail safety and safe choices.
  • Homeroom teachers ran students through a number of resources that have the potential to start a conversation.
  • Pancakes for all students before school, and handing out Bullying NO Way! wristbands.
  • Life City Church lunch time music and games.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what to do when your child talks to you about bullying. You are an important part of our work to prevent bullying and to respond effectively if it happens. If your child talks to you about bullying:

1. Listen calmly and get the full story.
2. Reassure your child they are not to blame.
3. Ask your child what they want to do and what they want you to do
4. Visit www.bullyingnoway.gov.au to find some strategies.
5. Contact the school.
6. Check in regularly with your child. 

If you are looking for additional support for yourself to deal with a bullying situation, you will find ideas on the Bullying. No Way! website for parents here: https://bullyingnoway.gov.au

Thank you for your support in delivering a powerful message that bullying is NEVER OK, and making our school a great one for everyone. 

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