On Monday 26th February our Year 8 Academic Extension English students boarded a bus bound for UWA, to attend the Perth Writers Festival.

They spent the day engaging with a wide range of international and Australian authors and poets, as they shared their creative processes in sessions as broad reaching as writing lyrics, developing characters, tackling contemporary issues and more.

Our students had a great time discovering authors and new perspectives and creative processes involved in storytelling, to help broaden their own writing experiences.

Excursion overview as written by Year 8 student Luke Veneris:

"On February 26 the English A+ and extension classes attended a excursion all about reading and writing. This excursion had many pursuing writers who were rejected countless times but pursued their own dreams. There were many interesting sessions during this excursion.

There was many sessions that we could attend but the two that were mainly talked about was the authors of books who were shot down by the publishers. The first author was a primary school teacher who always wrote in her own time. This teacher has written Lingtan and Lintang 2. This took her many years to finally be accepted, sometimes she would read her own stories to her kids in her class to see if they liked them and they supported her all the way. Some creative ideas that the author used was she searched up mythical creatures and changed them to match her story for instance the night terror, the night terror was a mix between mythological creatures. As she published her first book after ten years she had a growing passion for the Lintang series and started to work on the second book right away.

There was also another author who was so set on a dream and that dream was acting and not becoming a writer. This author from a little kid desired to be an actor and her dream sadly wasn't getting anywhere and she would have to work in small jobs so she could pay rent. This author was once listening to her friend speak about her past and a blanket but there was something about this story really interested the author and decided to scribble down it and it took 20 minutes and that was her first story that was published but she was rejected 4 times earlier but the final publisher said that there was something special about this story although they didn't have a publisher at the time it was still published and her passion for writing grew and grew until acting isn't important to her as much as writing.

There was also a very interesting art museum to gaze at there was so many unique pieces of art, a personal favourite by the students was a art piece that was completely built from little squares to make a bigger 3d image. There was 3 floors of amazingly captivating art which could keep some of the students there for hours! The museum contained the most inspirational art you will see in years.

I asked a few students what was their favourite session of the whole day and most of them said the two authors who spoke because most of the A+ and extension students are passionate about writing and creating their own fictional worlds. The year 8’s learned so much on that excursion and some job ideas may have popped into their heads for the future."


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