On Friday 23rd February we had a guest speaker, Gary Cas from Nanollose, visit our Year 12 General Geography class to talk to students about sustainable fashion technology made from organic matter or recycled waste.

Nanollose Ltd, is an Australian based biotechnology company which has developed (and aims to continue to develop) innovative proprietary technologies relating to the production, processing and applications of Nanollose Microbial Cellulose (NMC), a new natural fibre that has been developed in Western Australia. 

With the rapid reduction of the world’s arable land and fresh water for irrigation, present-day global production of plant and protein based fibres is unsustainable. While the structure of NMC is chemically similar to cotton, it is produced from a sustainable bioprocess and offers an environmentally sustainable alternative to plant-based cellulose materials.

Mr Cas has been a key creative collaborator with numerous international arts and sciences projects including Fermented Fashion, which is one of the first dresses in the world made from wine and beer. Mr Cass has a philosophy that “creativity is as important as literacy and numeracy.” Mr Cass’ collaborative projects have been exhibited around the world.

Gary showcased the champagne dress to students (as seen in above pictures). They were all very intrigued with the idea of a dress made out of champagne waste as a sustainable solution for the future!

Miss Tiba - HASS and Geography Teacher

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