This year, the Act Belong Commit CVC Circus Troupe and the CVC Senior Dance Troupe had the exceptional opportunity to take a group of 40 students to perform at Dreamworld in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The group left for this once in a lifetime trip on the 1st of July, term 2 school holidays, and stayed for 10 days in total. The students were accompanied by the truly wonderful and supportive Varina Earle; the impressive and approachable Calum Duffy; the majestic and inspiring Mark Candeloro; the breathtaking and resplendent Marisa Scidone; and me, Crystle Challinger.

This was an amazing trip, with so many different adventures, so I would like to just mention as few standout moments for me.

Firstly the hotel was incredible! Huge apartments, with amazing views overlooking the ocean and bay. The children did a fabulous job with being self-sufficient in their shared apartments, most making meal plans and cleaning rosters.

Next, our theme park experiences were just amazing. Each supervised group found super fun and exciting things to do, plus both Dreamworld and Movieworld were so accommodating to our large performing group and the students worked super hard to provide a performance befitting the event. I think the highlight for my group was the Superman ride, of which they rode 6 times! 

My next highlight is definitely the training workshops run by Hyfidelity Dance studio and Flipside circus. Both companies provided absolutely top quality training for the students over multiple days. The Dance students were immersed in the professional level hip hop, contemporary, ballet, and jazz classes. The circus students had the amazing opportunity to train with actual professional performing artists from Circus OZ and other circus companies at Flipside circus. The Circus students took a huge amount of workshops including hand manipulation skills, juggling, clown, advanced tumbling, silks, trapeze, ariel cube, Chinese pole, hula hoop etc. It was a truly incredible experience that up skilled the students involved immensely and provided them with hours of educational entertainment.

My personal favourite moment was The Australian Outback Spectacular. This is a major tourist attraction, which showcases the exceptional talents of horseback riders in an Australian themed dinner and a show environment. As we were the first group to show up for the evening, the producers asked if the teachers would like to be in the show. None of the students knew this was happening until Mr Duffy, Mr Candeloro, Miss Scidone and myself emerged onto the show stage to engage in an epic battle to the death lawn mower ride to decide the overall champion. Mr Duffy blitzed the lot of us with an outstanding lead right from the start. Mr Candeloro and I had a photofinisher for a second, to wit I am certain I came second and have the photo to prove it, although many would contest that Mr Candeloro came second and the photo is just on a bad angle. Well, I guess it will forever agree to disagree, but for now, we will concede that second place was a draw. The 3rd and last place was well and truly taken out by Miss Scidone, mostly due to her extremely leisurely jaunt around the stadium, with her relaxed and laid back no cares for competition attitude, more power to you Miss Scidone.  

Towards the end of the trip the students were given the opportunity to experience Tambourine Mountain, and for some, it was the first time they had been in a rainforest. Students engaged in a beautiful rainforest walk to see waterfalls. They also had an amazing treetop walk, during which I remembered my fear of heights. There was also the luck opportunity to see the Queensland glow-worm caves up close and personal, during which I remembered my crippling claustrophobia. Overall the day in the mountains was a rousing success for everyone, except possibly me.

Right before leaving this amazing trip, the students were treated to one last epic experience at iFly indoor skydiving! what a super fun activity to finish off with and all the kids and teachers had a blast floating around in the wind tunnel!

Lastly, I would like to say that as the leading teacher at this excursion, I was absolutely impressed by how the students involved showed respect and kindness individually and on mass. The students thanked the teachers with surprise parties and surprise breakfasts they had cooked, and it was truly touching how they all cared and supported each other and the staff involved. I personally will remember this as the best part of the whole trip and I thank the children that made this so special for me.

Mrs Crystle Challinger   
Circus/TDS Coordinator


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