Canning Vale College hosted a Tactical Teaching Reading facilitator training workshop. This was presented by Deanne Barrett from international teacher training organisation Tactical Steps Education. There were 24 teachers from 10 schools across the state in attendance, including participants coming from afar as Kalgoorlie, Denmark and Albany.

Canning Vale College uses Tactical Teaching Reading as a crucial part of its literacy strategy and already had six staff trained as facilitators before training another three at the November workshops.

Tactical Teaching is a host of activities that teachers can choose from to help them deliver their content at the same time as improving literacy skills. It’s a toolkit of interesting and easy ways to engage students in learning, from which teachers can pick and choose as they see fit. 

As a Facilitator you are trained how to use the resource in your classroom, deliver the training to others, and most importantly, support teachers once they have been trained. Facilitators’ help teachers make decisions as to which activities best support student need, and model activities and lessons. 

Mrs Francoise Purdue
English Head of Learning Area


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