During Term 3 and 4, CVC Year 7 A+ Humanities and Social Science (HASS) students and Mrs Fiona Grant have been working hard on making our school Waterwise.

The Year 7 A+ HASS students have been studying water scarcity as part of the Geography STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum program. The Year 7 A+ students conducted an in-depth survey examining how students and staff use water in the college. The Year 7 A+ students then created posters on helpful tips in saving water in everyday activities within the college.

Emma Williams, a representative from Waterwise, attended the Year 7 & 8 assemblies during National Water Week and discussed how much water we all use and how students can save water both at home and in school. She also explained the effects of our changing climate on our water sources, and the need to conserve water as a non-renewable resource and what we are doing to secure our water supply.

The theme for National Water Week this year was 'Water – the Heart of our Culture' which encourages young people to explore how water shapes our everyday lives through recreational activities, the natural world and our community values.

Through these projects, CVC students and staff are now more aware of the use of water in our everyday lives and doing our part as a community to secure water supplies for the future.

Mrs Fiona Grant
Senior Humanities and Social Science (HASS) Teacher

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