CVC Student Hallee Nicole donated 40cm of her hair and raised over $1000 in funds for the organisation Variety - the Children’s Charity.  We are very proud of Hallee for committing to such a noble cause. Please see Hallee’s story below and watch her video via the link to see her journey;

“One of my best friends from primary school suffers from cerebral palsy and I watch her on Telethon performing with Variety Youth Choir. I would see so many people who suffer from a medical condition who have lost their hair. I have become friends with some people who have lost their hair due to this and I know how much they would like to have their hair back. I have been growing my hair out for 5 years now and I had the idea of giving it to someone who needs it more than me. I love to make other people happy and I know that this will. I have so much hair and I would love to share it with someone else to make them happy.

I have made the decision to make a difference by cutting and donating my hair to be made into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to a medical condition.

Wigs cost families up to $6,000, lasting 1-2 years, meaning families can spend tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of wigs throughout a child’s youth. By making a donation to Variety - the Children's Charity, you can help provide a wig or other vital equipment to a child in need. Thank you for helping kids to simply enjoy being a kid.”

Hallee Nicole
CVC Year 9 Student

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