It’s with great pleasure that we announce our complete school performance in the recent International Competition for Australian schools (ICAS) in Science, English, Writing & Maths, in which Year 7-10 students within our A+ Academic Extension Program, and high achieving Year 11 & 12 students participated. 

In addition, it is with great recognition that Canning Vale College has set a new record high with academic excellence at our college this year with our first ever medalist in ICAS in the writing division, Keisha Patricio! She achieved the top 1% of Year 7 participants in Australia! This year over 980,000 entries were received but only 514 students from Australia and 100 students from New Zealand and the Pacific Region were awarded medals for their outstanding achievement. Congratulations Keisha for achieving such an outstanding award. 

The following students are to be commended and congratulated in attaining the following awards of achievement: 

Science Results: 

Award: Distinction 
Yr8 – Jude Keenan 
Yr9 – Yu Chin 
Yr12 – Maleeha Bhorat, Kevan Tan 

Award: Merit 
Yr7 – Joelle Jones, Lisa Mlambo, Mohamed Ali Munira, Brayden Tay, Luke Veneris 
Yr8- Sharai Gaiger, Ian Loh, Nouvelle Tamilalagan, Amritha Thirumalai Chetty 
Yr9 – Phoebe Tan 
Yr10 – Alysha Duncan, Michael Volmink, Yuqi Zheng 
Yr12-Georgia Roberts 

Award: Credit 
Yr7 – Kenzo Harsono, Eric Liew, Aary Raut, Zachary Tang, Josie Wood, Tabeeba Zaman 
Yr8 – Liam Carroll, Anna Luong, Raghav Mittal, Katie Mobilia, Marcus Poh, Chloe Poi, Jamie Teo 
Yr9 – Serena Jones, Wei Lang Ong, Christopher Round 
Yr10 – Stephanie Ewings, Ramudhi Kottage, Rehaab Syed 
Yr11 – Chante Mitton 
Yr 12 – Leona Marantan, Samatntha lee, Zahraa Bhorat, Saara Goo, Conor Hachey, Ali Hassan Syed, Nicholas Subianto, Aidan Wearne, Weiyong Xu 

Writing Results: 

Award: High Distinction 
Yr7 – Keisha Patricio 

Award: Distinction 
Yr7 – Laura Loveday, Munira Mohamed Ali 
Yr8 – Heli Das 
Yr9 – Tej Balasubramani, Christopher Round 
Yr 10 – Ramudhi Kottage, Yuqi Zheng 

Award: Merit 
Yr7 – Brayden Tay 
Yr10 – Stephanie Ewings, Cassandra Killeen 

Award: Credit 
Yr7 – Kenzo Harsono, Joelle Jones, Dinura Kularatna, Lisa Mlambo, Aarya Raut, Tammay Shinde, Nouvelle Tamilalagan, Zachary Tang, Josie Wood, Tabeeba Zaman 
Yr8 – Shauma Lantansha, Anna Luong, Ruchita Patil, Nikitha Tannbuddi, Jamie Teo 
Yr10 – Alana La Brooy, Rehabb Syed, Michael Volmink 
Yr11- Chante Mitton 
Yr12 – Nicholas Subianto 

English Results: 

Award: Distinction 
Yr7 – Lisa Mlambo, Keisha Patricio, Nouvelle Tamilalagan 
Yr11 – Chante Mitton 

Award: Credit 
Yr7 – Olivia Goodchild, Kenzo Harsono, Laura Loveday, Zachary Tang, Bradyen Tay 
Yr8 – Eliot Che, Kaviya Karuppsamy, Katie Mobilia, Nikitha Tannubuddi, Jamie Teo, Amritha Thirumalai Chetty 
Yr9 – Yu Chin, Chloe Griffiths, Chloe Hutton, Serena Jones, Wei Liang Ong, Christopher Round, Phoebe Tan 
Yr10 – Shahin Adie, Ariana Downing, Lynette Nice, Rehaab Syed, Michael Volmink 
Yr12 – Maleeha Bhorat, Ariel Chan, Nicholas Subianto 

Award: Merit 
Yr7 – Josie Wood, 
Yr8 - Lydia Jones, Shauma Latansha, Anna Luong 
Yr10 – Stephanie Ewings 

Math’s Results: 

Award: Distinction 
Yr7 – Kenzo Harsono, Aarya Raut, Josie Wood 
Yr8 – Katie Mobilia 
Yr9 – Yu Chin, Serena Jones, Christopher Round 
Yr12 – Kevan Tan, Nicholas Subianto, Aidan Wearne 

Award: Credit 
Yr7 – Jagpal Hansra, Dinura Kularatna, Eric Liew, Tanmay Shinde, Nouvelle Tamilalagan, Zachary Tang, Tabeeba Zaman 
Yr8 – Taya Downing, Jude Keenan, Anna Luong, Raghav Mittal, Ruchita Patil, Wee How Poh, Chloe Poi, Nikitha Tanbubuddi, Jamie Teo, Amritha Thirumalai Chetty 
Yr9 – Tej Balasubramani, Muhtaswheem Hossain, Way Han Lim, Wei Liang Ong, Khairul Roslan, Peter Zeng 
Yr10 – Alysha Duncan, Ramudhi Kottage, Alana La Brooy, Rehaab Syed, Yuqi Zheng 
Yr11 – Change Mitton 
Yr12 – Connor Hachey, Ali Hassan, Weiyong Xu 

Award: Merit 
Yr7 – Brayden Tay 
Yr8 – Eliot Chen, Sharai Gaiger 
Yr10 – Alyssha Kwok 
Yr11 – Lana Todd, Lleyton Turner 

Mrs Wendy Qasem 
Academic Excellence Co-ordinator

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