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Canning Vale College - 2019 YEAR 7-10 AWARD ASSEMBLIES

2019 Year 7 10 Award Assemblies

Congratulations to the following Year 7-10 students who received subject/special awards at our final assemblies in Week 10 this Term.

The four specialist awards as follows:

All Rounder Award - for exceptional performance in both academic and non-academic areas of schooling at CVC
Citizenship Award - for exceptional service to the school and community
Principal's Award - for displaying and maintaining a consistent desire to succeed in all aspects of College life
Year Coordinators Award - for epitomising the College's values of respect for self, others and the environment

Congratulations to the students who were also awarded A grade average or Honours Club certificates and pins.

Year 7

All Rounder Award  Declan Somers
Citizenship Award  Samuel Mamootil
Principal's Award  Ariana Carot Collins
Year Coordinators Award  Nidhi Matta
Academic Dux Aiden Tay
Visual Art Extension  Si Lin Chen
Music Specialist Dylan King
Music General Devan Wuff
Circus Sean Houghton
Dance Kayla Mckune
Drama Patrick Mlambo
Materials Yihan Chen
Foods Olivia Plant
Media Rafey Fida
English Nidhi Matta
HASS Si Lin Chen
Phys Ed Aiden Tay & Emma Gudgin
Health Aiden Tay
Maths Aiden Tay
Science Aiden Tay
Italian Angelina Zhong
Indonesian Aiden Tay

Year 8

All Rounder Award  Divilious Elisara
Citizenship Award  Jessica Birrell
Principal's Award  Emily Parks
Year Coordinators Award  Ella Bristow
Academic Dux Caitlin Bong
Visual Art  Paige Scrafton & Jessica Birrell
Visual Art Extension  Valerie Engelbrecht
Circus Sophie Hetherington & Jamal Habib
Dance Safin Nanne
Music Specialist Aiden Tham
Drama Jack Bradley
Materials       Choo Poh
Media Anabelle Bywater
Foods Caitlin Bong
Digital Technologies                               Emily Parks
English Caitlin Bong
HASS Caitlin Bong
Phys Ed Divilious Elisara & Kaylee Fischer
Health Jessica Birrell
Maths Caitlin Bong  
Science Caitlin Bong
Italian Zahra Dawson
Indonesian Matvey Orlov & Claudia Pavzin-vale
Circus Troupe Hannah Moore & Paige Scrafton

Year 9

All Rounder Award  Rojin Didari
Citizenship Award  Bevan Famlonga
Principal's Award  Laura Loveday
Year Coordinators Award  Gurpartap Arak & Aarya Raut
Academic Dux Nouvelle Tamilalagan
Visual Art  Emily Rigby
Visual Art Extension Laura Loveday
Wearable Art Jhanelle Anne Riva
Music Specialist Maya Winn
Circus Blake Harbord & Isaac Johnson
Circus Troupe James Stobart
Dance Katie Benstead
Drama Declan Harbord
Materials Georgia Kremer
Foods Julia Le
ICT Maya Filez
Media Rylee Philpott
Body Shop Serena Roberto
Electronic Game Design Luke Veneris
Web Page Design and Animation Jamie Beck
English Nouvelle Tamilalagan
HASS Nouvelle Tamilalagan
Business Anjanette Lee
Phys Ed Blake Harbord & Emily Doran
Soccer Sam Hunt 
Court Sports Sam Hunt
Recreation Sports Sam Hunt
Health Nouvelle Tamilalagan
Maths Nouvelle Tamilalagan  
Science Nouvelle Tamilalagan
STEM Nouvelle Tamilalagan
Italian Nouvelle Tamilalagan
Indonesian Gurpartap Arak

Year 10

All Rounder Award  Jessica Roper
Citizenship Award  Jackson Kewley
Principal's Award  Katie Mobilia
Year Coordinators Award  Shaye Christie
Academic Dux Anja Kok
Visual Art  Lydia Jones
Visual Art Extension Josh Mammootil
Wearable Art Lydia Jones
Music Specialist Anika Lawrence
Circus Jessica Roper & Jasmine La Piana
Dance Anja Kok
Drama Anja Kok
Materials Evan Hart
Foods Caitlin Brophy
ICT Rayyan Nur Yhazied
Electronic Game Design Sammie Cai
Web Page Design and Animation Harrison Kewley
Media Eliot Chen
English Lydia Jones
HASS Kaviya Karuppusamy 
Phys Ed Caleb Goodwin & Katie Mobilia
Childcare Lydia Jones
Health Jessica Roper
Maths Jason Pakpahan
Science Lydia Jones
STEM Hengxiang Li
Italian Anja Kok
Indonesian Sharai Gaiger
Business Nadya Rodrigues, Jana Eljazzar, Jackson Kewley, Shihao Liu & Sear Popal
Workplace Learning Emily Caddies
LEAP Workplace Learning Annalise Stagg

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