On the last day of Term 2 our LEAP Hospitality students were fortunate to experience a tour of the Kailis Bros award winning seafood Café in Leederville.

We started the tour in the private dining room located in the Café. Then it was straight across to the Fish Market where experienced staff guided the students through a variety of seafood displays. They spoke of the variety of seafood products, where they come from and how they are caught.

We then went through to the production area where we watched fish being filleted, cleaned and stored. After that it was gloves on for our students as they got to handle the seafood (even the live ones), much fun and laughter was had by all.

We finished off the tour in the Café, enjoying a lunch of crispy fish ‘n chips and light refreshments.

The students all had a wonderful time thanks to all the staff at Kailis for taking the time out to accommodate our students.

Ms Stephenson - EA/Hospitality Trainer Special Needs

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