On Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th June all students in Years 7-10 attended a presentation called Surf Online Safe, designed to enlighten students to the risks associated with online behaviour and give them strategies to ensure that they use online profiles in an appropriate way.

Presenter Paul Litherland was a WA Police Officer for 20+ years. In the last 5 years of his career he worked in the field of Technology Crime, where he worked directly with children and adults who were the victims of online crime. During this time he realised the limited resources available on the subject of Internet Safety. In particular, organisations, or self-proclaimed "Cyber Safety Experts", lacked the appropriate knowledge and relevance to what is happening in the real online world and the true concerns parents and schools are having.

Since 2012 Paul has presented to schools, sharing his knowledge, experience and insight into the dangers of the online world. He is considered one of Perth's leading experts on this subject. Paul uses very interesting and real examples that shock and challenge the way in which students view social media and other online activities. 

This presentation was a real light bulb moment for our students. Paul reminded students to change their passwords, turn off location services with the apps they use, partake in cross-browsing, disable apps from accessing your phones microphone and think twice before interacting with strangers online. 

Paul also conducted an after school parent presentation where he spoke to parents about how their children can use social media in a more appropriate and secure way.

By all accounts it was very well received by all.

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