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On a recent Thursday afternoon, the CVC Arts Department ran a workshop for students in Year 6 who wanted to do some extra visual art.

Students from across all our feeder primary schools (Caladenia, Excelsior, Canning Vale, Ranford and Campbell Primary) signed up and joined us for a very entertaining afternoon making and using stimuli to create original design ideas.

We began by creating an origami eye that students then painted. They created some amazing eyes, demonstrating ability to follow instructions, use watercolour and meet deadlines.

We then took our eyes outside to change how we look at something. We placed the eye in trees, plants and drains. From this we looked at what was surrounding the eye and how we could use this information to create a monster.

Their excitement and enthusiasm translated into some fantastically original concepts and a whole lot a laughter.

We look forward to running some more workshops throughout the year.

Mrs Roberts - Head of Arts

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