award assembly year8 2018Terry Healy MLA Southern River with Year 8 Award Winners, Student Support Staff & Principal Paul Bottcher

Congratulations to the following Year 7-10 students who received subject/special awards at our final assemblies in Week 10 this Term.

The four specialist awards as follows:

All Rounder Award - for exceptional performance in both academic and non-academic areas of schooling at CVC
Citizenship Award - for exceptional service to the school and community
Principal's Award - for displaying and maintaining a consistent desire to succeed in all aspects of College life
Year Coordinators Award - for epitomising the College's values of respect for self, others and the environment

Year 7

All Rounder Award  Paige Scrafton
Citizenship Award  Emma Styles
Principal's Award  Jessica Birrel 
Year Coordinators Award  Jaxon Caddies 
Academic Dux Safin Nanne 
Visual Art  Imogen Nicolls 
Visual Art Extension  Yazmin Petrovic 
Media Safin Nanne
Circus Brodie Franklin-Evans & Gerome Macri
Dance Ava Black & Ella Bristow
Drama Matvey Orlov
Materials Jamal Habib
Foods Zahra Dawson
Digital Technologies Madelyn Cornish
English Caitlin Bong
HASS Madelyn Cornish
Phys Ed Zac Peterson & Kaylee Fisher
Health Jessica Birrell
Maths Caitlin Bong
Science Matvey Orlov
Italian Zahra Dawson
Indonesian Background Raymond Sukmanegara
Indonesian Second Language       Matvey Orlov


Year 8


All Rounder Award  Blake Harbord 
Citizenship Award  Nouvelle Tamilalagan   
Principal's Award  Gurpartap Arak
Year Coordinators Award  Sebastian Roberts 
Academic Dux Gurpartap Arak & Tabeeba Zaman
Visual Art  Abbygel Logmay
Visual Art Extension  Anjanette Lee
Media Disarnio Naidoo
Circus Michael Henton
Dance Fatin Arrisha Qistir & Erin Paulse
Drama Declan Horbord
Materials Nouvelle Tamilalagan
Foods Kaitlyn McClumpha
Digital Technologies Blake Horbord
English Nouvelle Tamilalagan
HASS Nouvelle Tamilalagan
Phys Ed Aiden Duncan & Brooke Pitter
Health Anjanette Lee
Maths Kenzo Harsono
Science Maya Filez
Italian Nouvelle Tamilalagan  
Indonesian Background Anjanette Lee  
Indonesian Second Language       Gurpartap Arak
Junior Circus Troupe Luke Dagostino

Year 9

All Rounder Award  Katie Mobilia
Citizenship Award  Farah Al-Absawi
Principal's Award  Anika Lawrence
Year Coordinators Award  Amritha Chetty
Academic Dux Anika Lawrence & Anna Luong 
Visual Art  Evan Hart
Visual Art Extension Gertrudis Adhitma
Wearable Art Lydia Jones
Media Eliot Chen
Circus Natalie Curry & Bree Gardner
Dance Ava Lougheed
Drama Ana Kok
Materials Chad Tilaka
Foods Cherise Luck
ICT Wee How Poh
Media Eliot Chen
Body Shop Cara Roberts
Electronic Game Design Wee How Poh
Web Page Design and Animation Jamie Teo
English Lydia Jones
HASS Heli Das
Phys Ed Blaize Holbrey & Katie Mobilia
Recreation Sports Akash Katakam
Court Sports Caleb Goodwin
Health Anika Lawrence
Maths Jamie Teo
Science Lydia Jones
Italian Katie Mobilia
Indonesian Background Chloe Poi
Indonesian Second Language       Sharai Gaiger
EALD Shujun Wang

Year 10

All Rounder Award  Joshua Carriera
Citizenship Award  Holly Peberdy
Principal's Award  Max Dickson
Year Coordinators Award  Hallee Pileggi
Academic Dux Chrstine Shihata 
Visual Art  Way Han Lim
Visual Art Extension Michelle Borchardt
Wearable Art Alyvia Luculonao
Design Art Lucas Tan
Circus Joshua Coe
Dance Erin Robertson
Drama Maddy Skeggs
Materials Yi Fong Khoh
Foods Aaliyah Chau
Senior Circus Troupe Blake Pritchard
Certificate in ICT Amy Somervilee
Electronic Game Design Max Dickson
Web Page Design and Animation Ethan Yorke
English Serena Jones
HASS Michelle Borchardt
Phys Ed Blake Pritchard & Natasha Shree
Expedition Sport Joshua Carriera
Childcare Michelle Borchardt
Health Shivash Singh
Maths Serena Jones  
Science Serena Jones
Business Zoe Hart, Alisha Harrison & Emy Chhouk
EALD Shihan He, Wei Tyng Tan & Tej Balasubramani


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