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The Australian Training Awards, which honours and celebrates the achievements of the vocational education and training (VET) sector, was held in Sydney at the International Convention Centre last Thursday 15 November.

After being crowned WA Trainer of the Year 2018 in August, Miss Challinger was invited to attend the National Awards as one of eight finalists from across each state. 

We are incredibly excited to announce that Miss Challinger outshone the competition and was crowned Australian VET Trainer of the Year 2018.

Miss Challinger was the only secondary education teacher to be nominated for or win an award at both state and national level. To win the award when up against TAFE, University and Registered Training Organisations is an absolutely incredible achievement and a real testament to her dedication to VET programs in Creative Industries for students at Canning Vale College.

Miss Challinger’s Circus program has been developed over the past 10 years at Canning Vale College and has seen hundreds of students excel through the Extension Circus Arts program, performing in front of thousands of Primary School children, community and charity events including Telethon and the Christmas pageant, and opportunities to perform in Disneyland USA, Melbourne, Dreamworld Queensland, and Cocos Keeling Islands.

Her Circus and Creative Industries courses are unique in their design and engage students through non-traditional teaching methods involving transformational teaching philosophy, hands on practical working environments engaging STEAM learning, and student-centered programming with a focus on hidden curriculum development.

"I was driven to provide alternative teaching models for students and I think it all really started with my own schooling. I was a very unhappy student in school, I really didn't enjoy the lessons or the way I was being taught. I often thought that there would be a better way for me to learn personally."

Additionally, Miss Challinger has been heavily involved in training other VET school-based trainers.

The judging panel for the awards said “we wanted someone to blow our socks off at interview, and when she walked out at the end of her interview, we were sockless. She was amazing!”

We look forward to seeing what our Circus students achieve as the program continues to expand and impress into the future.

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