The Year 11 and 12 Creative Industries and Year 11 Dance classes recently had the pleasure of performing as part of the Act Belong Commit YOH Fest program at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

YOH Fest was established in Mandurah, WA in 1988 to equip local young people in making positive lifestyle choices and to build self-confidence and leadership skills. Now, YOH Fest has grown into one of Australia’s largest celebrations of youth creativity and is a leading forum for health promotion. YOH Fest has empowered thousands of young people across WA and the NT to share their stories on the issues most relevant to them through drama, dance or visual art. YOH Fest is run by young people, for young people. This ensures that YOH Fest focuses on what matters to young people in the festival and their community.

Our students spent almost 2 terms designing and staging their performances with the 2018 theme ‘Pushed to the Limit’. It was wonderful to see the student’s creations come to life on the stage.

They did an incredible job and conducted themselves fabulously all day at the festival. Our students absolutely dominated the talent quest portion of the festival, wowing the other competitors, venue organisers, and volunteers with their unique and impressive skills!

Miss Challinger (Circus Coordinator) & Miss Scidone (Dance Teacher)

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