Congratulations to Kiani Holden for being accepted into the ADF Gap Year Program commencing in 2019. Kiani has provided us with a great insight on her application and the process involved with the program.

“It's hard, but rewarding. I first learnt about the ADF through the school's weekly announcements. I then made an online booking for my aptitude test and meeting with an advisor. I then went on to do mentoring sessions for fitness and job interviews to better prepare myself for my assessment. I also managed to make a few new friends, from going to the mentoring sessions which helped make the whole process seem easier, because I knew I wasn't alone.

On my assessment day I went through a medical test, physiological test, and job interview. I passed on my first go which is known to be quite uncommon for someone my age, and advanced to the last stage of my application, the fitness assessment.  After training really hard for over two months starting at zero, and gradually increasing to meet their fitness standards, I was offered two positions. The first one was a gap year position in the army, and the second, a two year position in the army, both starting January 2019.

Once I achieve fitness standards, I complete my training over east for a couple of months and then begin 6-18 months of fulltime employment with the Australian Defence Force. All in all the whole experience was rewarding, scary, challenging, but left me with more self-worth and accomplishment  then I had ever had before. It was also thanks to my mum who always supported me and made sure I went to training every day, and my teacher's, year co, and CVC staff, that I was able to make it to this point. So I would just like to say thank you to everyone who always supported me during this short period of my life. Thank You!

Kiani Holden,
Graduate Of 2018.”

We wish Kiani all the very best.

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