The move from Primary to Secondary school is a major milestone for any student. It's a time of big changes in development, education, and life. As part of the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, 190 students from our feeder primary schools of Canning Vale Primary, Excelsior Primary, Campbell Primary, Caladenia Primary and Ranford Primary, attended CVC on Wednesday 24th October for Orientation Day. 

After a welcome from Mr Quirk, Associate Principal Student Engagement and Support, our incoming Year 7's were split in to smaller groups to participate in a range of Maths, English, HASS, Science Language, Physical Education, Art and Technology & Enterprise subjects. 

They attended an assembly in the gym during 'homeroom' and had the opportunity to meet with a number of key Student Support staff. In the afternoon students finished their day with an amazing performance from the CVC Circus Troupe.

Thank you to our Student Council Leaders who did a wonderful job of escorting students between classes throughout the day. 

CVC is very excited to welcome the Year 7’s in 2018. We hope they enjoyed their day as much as we had fun hosting the day!

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