It’s with great pleasure I announce our complete school performance in the recent International Competition for Australian schools (ICAS) in English, in which Year 7-10 students within our A+ Academic Extension group, and high achieving Year 11 & 12 students participated in.

ICAS is the most comprehensive educational assessment program available for schools. Every year thousands of schools participate in ICAS in over 20 countries, giving an international benchmark that can be relied upon. ICAS has had more than 8.9 million students participate since 2002.

61% of our students that participated in the English Competition received awards – in total 21 Awards were issued: 1 High Distinction, 5 Distinctions, 11 Credits and 4 Merits.

The following students are to be commended and congratulated in attaining the following awards of achievement:

Award: High Distinction
Yr 8 – Nouvelle Tamilalagan (Top 1% of Yr 8 participants in Australia)

Award: Distinction
Yr 8 – Keisha Patricio
Yr 10 –  Serena Jones, Christopher Round
Yr 12 – Chante Mitton

Award: Credit
Yr 7 – Emily Parks, Zahra Dawson, Caitlin Bong
Yr 8 – Josie Wood, Brayden Tay, Laura Loveday, Anjanette Lee
Yr 9 – Amritha Chety, Jamie Teo, Sharai Gaiger, Josh Gacer
Yr 10 – Connor MacBean, Mutasheem Hossain, Yu Chin
Yr 12 – Shehab Abdelfattah, Noorfatima Iqbal

Award: Merit
Yr 8 – Tabeeba Zaman, Zahary Tang, Mia Oughton, Dinura Kularatna, Kenzo Harsono
Yr 9 – Nikitha Tanubuddi, Eliot Chen
Yr 11 – Rehaab Syed, Janice Pramudia

Mrs Qasem - Academic Excellence Coordinator

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