Our Circus teacher Ms Crystle Challinger has had the honour of being selected to present at The Second International Conference on Transformative Education Research and Sustainable Development (TERSD) 2018 in Nepal this October.

Ms Challinger will be discussing research into The Creative Habits of Mind and the effects of Discovery Learning on STEAM Education.

Ms Challinger’s research looks specifically at student’s development of creative critical thinking skills through Arts based learning with a focus on STEM education for low literacy students. Ms Challinger was inspired by the identified focus on creativity that came out from the ‘World Economic Forum Top 10 Skills for 2020 and beyond in the 21st Century’. This focus on creativity was seen as a forerunner skill that will required by students to successfully achieve future employment in the changing global market.

Ms Challinger’s research will also be published in the Transformative Education Research and Sustainable Development international journal.

CVC is proud of its efforts to support the educational leadership and research of our staff. We are always striving to encourage our teachers to expand their knowledge and skills in contemporary education practices that lead to improvements and greater opportunities for our students.

We couldn’t be happier that Ms Challinger was selected for this opportunity and we wish her the best in Nepal.

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