HASS students in Year 7, 8 and 9 recently entered the Australian History competition. This competition allows them to build on their historical understandings, content and skills.  

A number of our students performed at a very high level. 

In Year 7 there were three High Distinctions awarded. One to Emily Parks, on 88 marks, one to Luke Glover on 80 marks and one to Leonidas Kokonas on 80 marks.

In Year 8 there were two High Distinctions awarded. Jennifer Howe got a mark of 86 and Gurpartap Arak got a mark of 84. 

In Year 9 there was one High Distinction awarded. This was awarded to Aden Clark with a score of 84.

In each year group there were also a number of students awarded with 'distiction' certificates.

Well done to all participants in this years’ National History challenge. We look forward to you developing those extremely useful history understandings, content and skills!

Mrs Michael - Head of HASS

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