homeless collection 2018Student Council and Chaplain Mrs Lucy with toiletry packs

On Friday 7th of September a small group of Year 11 students had the opportunity to visit Wellington Square in the city and hand out hygiene packs to the homeless. As a school we collected enough toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorants to make 60 packs.

Due to the rainy Friday morning only half of the number expected turned up, however all packs left over were handed to the Soup Van who continue handing out packs over the lunch time period.

Some of the comments from the Year 11’s students included: 

"Eye opening experience"

"They received the packs with grateful hearts."

"Changed our perception of homeless people, they were not just scary and defensive people; they were normal people like us that are trying to make it through life."

"One particular man was passionate about sharing with us to follow our dreams and to be who we want to be, no matter what that is and no matter what anyone says. He shared his story and how his life is slowly getting back together."

"Made us realise how blessed we are to have a family and shelter."

"One of the older gentleman had been living on the streets for over 30 years, he had a cheerful smile and was filled with joy. I enjoyed the experience and hopefully I can go back there again soon."

Mrs Lucy - School Chaplain

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