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On Friday 31st October CVC hosted its annual athletics carnival for Year 7 and 8 students (with a select number of students in Year 9-12 also being invited).

Students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and were lucky enough to escape the rain all day! Congratulations to Aeris - house winners for 2018. 

The results are as follow:

House Winners
Aeris - 1259 points
Flamma - 1102 points
Terra - 961 points
Aqua - 711 points

Year Champions

Year 7 Boys  Year 7 Girls 
1st place - Gerome Macri  1st place - Kaylee Fisher 
2nd place - Zac Petersen  2nd place - Charlize Lamb 
3rd place - Divilious Elisara  3rd place - Madelyn Cornish tied with Dakota Tynan-Hislop 
4th place - Jacob Calabrese  4th place - Ashley Mobilia 
5th place - Conor Brophy tied with Brodie Franklin-Evans  5th place - Valerie Engelbrecht 
6th place - Jamal Habib 6th place -Serena Murray tied with Camryn Volmink 
Year 8 Boys Year 8 Girls
1st place - Toby Robinson 1st place - Brooke Pitter
2nd place - Aiden Duncan 2nd place - Melanie Shreeve
3rd place - Kaeldeep Sandhu 3rd place -  Lani Ralli
4th place - Chathuresh Chittoor 4th place -  Alyse Palmer tied with Ava Seddon
5th place - Jonah Sullivan 5th place - Jamie Beck
6th place - Luke Dagostino 6th place - Aimee Maguire
Year 9 Boys Year 9 Girls
1st place - Karl Escalona 1st place - Katie Mobilia
2nd place - Blaize Holbrey 2nd place - Emily Caddies
3rd place - Akash Katakam 3rd place - Amber Pitter
4th place - Wharekawa Makara 4th place - Kayla Erenshaw tied with Roshani Fischer
5th place - Craig Botsa 5th place - Demi Cockerill
6th place - Nicholas Carbonaro 6th place - Anika Lawrence
Year 10 Boys Year 10 Girls
1st place - Blake Pritchard 1st place - Halle Simpson
2nd place - Ruben Engelbrecht 2nd place - Natasha Shreeve
3rd place - Deacon Greenaway 3rd place - Zoe Hart
4th place - Juan Arellano Rivas tied with Thomas Parker 4th place - Kelly Pillay
5th place - Justin Bennett tied with Joshua Carriera 5th place - Kirsten Kleinhanss
6th place - Lucas Tan 6th place - Ceinwena Yong
Year 11 Boys Year 11 Girls
1st place - Beau Raven 1st place - Alisha Synnerdahl
2nd place - Jarod Allen 2nd place - Latesha Wiki
3rd place - Abdullah Anjum 3rd place - Jenny Cunningham tied with Breanna Fallows
4th place - Jackson Perry 4th place - Tara Hosking
5th place - Lachlan MacDonald 5th place - Mikayla Cooper
6th place - Donovan Griesel 6th place - Taylah Johnson-Wright
Year 12 Boys Year 12 Girls
1st place - Justin Melling 1st place - Katelyn Mangini
2nd place - Leighton Beanland 2nd place - Shayla Burgess tied with Abby Chang-Tave
3rd place - Christopher Van Der Walt 3rd place - Sophie Atkinson
4th place - Yunan Dong 4th place - Georgia Evans
5th place - Dylan Hack 5th place - Mei Hua Dennison
  6th place - Allyssandra Barrongo


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