It’s with great pleasure I announce our complete school performance in the recent International Competition for Australian schools (ICAS) in Science, in which our Year 7-10 students within our A+ Academic Extension group, and high achieving Year 12 students participated.

72% of our students received awards (28 in total). In summary we received 7 Distinctions, 18 Credits and 3 Merits!

The following students are to be commended and congratulated in attaining the following awards of achievement:

Award: Distinction
Y7 – Emily Parks
Yr8 – Nouvelle Tamilagan, Josie Wood, Tabeeba Zaman
Yr9 – Katie Mobilia
Yr 12 – Sheehab Adellfattah, Parth Patel

Award: Credit
Yr8- Kenzo Harsono, Eric Liew, Way Thao Lim, Laura Loveday, Keisha Patricio, Aarya Raut, Zachary Tang, Brayden Tay
Yr9 – Anna Luong, Jamie Teo, Amritha Chetty
Yr10 – Tej Balasubramani, Yu Chin, Muhtasheem Hussain, Manesha Kulurutana, Christopher Round
Yr12- Noorfatima Iqbal, Chante Mitton

Award: Merit
Yr9 – Nikitha Tanubuddi
Yr10 – Way Han Lim
Yr 12 – Enoch Teo

Well done to all of our students who participated in ICAS this year, our school results keep growing from strength to strength!

Mrs Qasem - Academic Excellence Coordinator 

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