Italian Exchange Students 2018Left: Maryam, Right: Riccardo with host brother Bailey

We currently have two Italian exchange students completing an exchange at CVC. Their 8 week exchange will conclude at the end of Week 5. 

Both Riccardo and Maryam have written a short piece in English about their time here so far...

Hi, I’m Riccardo and I’m from Italy. I’ve been in Australia for one month and this is a short story about me and a comparison between the Italian and the Australian schools.

I’m here thanks to Intercultura, the association that gave me the chance to have this experience.

I left Italy on 24 June and after 20 hours of travelling I arrived in Perth, where I met my new family, I was really excited and anxious but also very tired because Italy is 6 hours behind Australia.

The next day I had my first day at the CVC, all the students were really confident so I didn’t have any troubles finding new friends. Also the teachers were so helpful. In particular, Miss Blood helped me a lot and I didn’t have any problems with homework or tests.

However in Australia the schools are very different to the ones in Italy:

  • In Italy, my class is always in the same room with the same students and it is the teachers who change class.
  • All the subjects are obligatory and we have 6 hours of school with two little 10 minute breaks, also, the day starts at 8:00 and finishes at 14:00.
  • In an Italian school, to pass a test you can’t receive a mark under 60% and if at the end of the year you have more then one subject with a mark under 60% you have to repeat the year and can’t pass to the next year.

This was a comparison between the Italian and the Australian schools; I hope it was interesting.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Riccardo Bosoni.

"When I was a little girl people used to ask me what was the place I would like to move to when I grow up. My answer was 'Australia, because there are koalas and kangaroos - I used to say - and they are the sweetest creatures on Earth.' Now, people still ask me where I would like to go when I finish my studies and my answer hasn't changed.

This exchange program has given me the opportunity to explore this country and I understood that there are so many other activities and places I didn't even know about. I visited new places, places that I couldn't even dream about, places that can be savage and modern at the same time, places with amazing landscapes. I had the chance to get in touch with people I could have never met if I stayed home, people from all over the world, who think differently and have different habits.

However, the most exciting of this whole experience was having the same daily routine of a normal Australian teen: going to school, eating snacks surrounded kids running everywhere, going to KFC after school, making new friends, going to the shopping centre, watching movies.

I enjoyed every single aspect of this brief trip and I'll never forget what I've experiences here, in these two months and the feelings I had. Lastly, I would like to thank all the people who allowed me to make it possible and all the people I met here, who made all this amazing and extraordinary. 

Written by Maryam.

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