2018 Vintage Combat State Emily Parks

Congratulations to Year 7 student Emily Parks, who recently came second place in the 2018 State Vintage Combat Championships.

Emily is part of the Mercurians Model Aeronautical Club and partakes in control-line aeromodeling.

Control-line aeromodeling refers to the flying of model aircrafts which are controlled by the pilot via steel-stranded lines. The pilot remains in continuous physical contact with the model, and the model cannot fly beyond the length of the lines. 

In 2017 Emily placed third in the state championships, in her class of 'vintage combat,' where two pilots fly at the same time trying to score points off each other's plane. In control-line, the pilots are NOT comfortably seated with radios on their laps. On the contrary, they are on their feet, colliding with each other, constrained within a small circle.

It's a hobby that provides Emily and her Dad some great outdoors 'dad&daughter' time, as well as time together building in the shed occasionally (one of the reasons Emily was really interested in doing woodkwork and metalwork this semester!)

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