Canning Vale College is looking forward to working with 3P Photography our School Photographer Team again this year.

3P Photography Order Forms will be handed out to students through their Home Room Class Teacher (Year 11&12 - Monday 30th July, Year 9&10 - Wednesday 1st August, Year 7&8 - Friday 3rd August).

Each student receives one Order Form; they are pre-labelled with your child’s name. Students who enrolled after the 18th June 2018 will receive a hand-written one. If your child is absent on the day, the envelopes are distributed please contact Student Support who can assist you.

Students are to hand their envelope to the Photography Team on the day of their photograph.

Please be aware that every child is to be photographed irrespective of whether you will be purchasing photograph packs.

CANNING VALE COLLEGE 2018 - Photograph Schedule

*Please note that the schedule is subject to late changes*

Photograph Schedule

Classes have been assigned a time during a specific session for their year group. Please be aware that the schedule is subject to late changes and that times may alter slightly during the day. Late changes may be unavoidable to the schedule; we will endeavour to contact parents of these changes as early as possible, however their maybe some changes that could be out of our control. Therefore, we ask for your patience and understand when trying to resolve these matters. 

Grooming Policy

We care about how your child looks in their photographs. We therefore request the following Grooming Policy to be applied.


Polo or Striped Shirt – students must wear the appropriate year level CVC shirt with all but top button done up with no undershirt to be visible.


  • Hair – students’ hair is to be combed neatly and out of their eyes, long hair must not cover the school shirt crest
  • Facial – students are permitted to wear light makeup on the day, students with beards must have them neat


We understand that absenteeism can be unavoidable during the Photo Days. If your child is absent on their arranged day they are to use the student absentee session times. Please Note: students will not be personally collected from class.

If your child is absent for all of the Photo Days, please contact 3P Photography on 9250 6244 who will be able to make a prearrangement to have your child’s photograph taken at their Midland Office.

Group Photographs – Year 12 Valedictory, Year 7 Group and Student Council

Please make sure your child attends school on Tuesday 28th August for their group photograph.

Student Councillors – students must be in full school uniform relevant to their year group, they will be given a school blazer & tie on the day of the photograph. Any further queries please contact Ms Kerry Lucy (School Chaplain).

Year 12 Valedictory – students must be in full Year 12 school uniform which consists of striped shirt (with no visible undershirt), navy blue pants or shorts and leavers jacket. If you have not purchased a leavers jacket your child may be able to borrow one on the day.  Any further queries please contact Mrs Jackie D’Sylva (Year 12 Coordinator).

Year 7 Group -  students must be in full Year 7 school uniform which consists of green polo shirt (with no visible undershirt), navy blue pants or shorts and school jacket/jumper. Any further queries please contact Mrs Varina Earle (Year 7 Coordinator).

Sibling Photographs

Family photographs will be taken before school on Thursday 23rd August & Friday 24th August and also during Home Room on Friday 24st August. Students must present themselves to the photograph area as they cannot be collected from class.

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