Year 11

The diversity of courses at Canning Vale College offers opportunities for young adults preparing for a range of post secondary pathways, including further education, training or employment. There is a strong focus on maintaining and enhancing our ethos which is to meet the needs of young adults.

Studying at the senior level allows students to take greater responsibility for their decisions. Additionally, courses require students to be self-directed in their study and organisation.

Below are Canning Vale College Year 11 resources that contains information to help students understand the commitment required and help to decide which
courses to study in Years 11 and 12. 

The options are many and the need for discussions with parents, teachers, counsellors and others is very important.

Parents/Guardians are an important part of this process as they provide the biggest single influence in a student’s choice of direction. Students will be looking for guidance and support in making informed choices and parents are asked to be active participants in the courses selection process. 

For further information please contact the VET, Careers & WPL team or visit the careers hub

Please note: ALL subjects in Year 11 and 12 attract COMPULSORY charges.

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