Extension Circus Arts Program

Extension Circus Arts Program is run at CVC for for students that show excellence in Circus. The Program is classroom based with an after school component. Extension Circus Art is designed to give students involved a chance to immerse themselves within circus skills development both practical and social. The Canning Vale College Circus Troupe, which is the product of the after school component of the program, is an enrichment program and its purpose is to advance  the learning experiences and student capabilities in the high school environment.  The Canning Vale College Circus Troupe students use the skills they learn to develop circus stage shows with positive health messages for local primary schools, rural district schools, nursing homes, charity, fundraising, and community events.  

The program directly benefits the Canning Vale College students in the program and the 3 teachers involved, the major outcomes for the participants that have arisen from the introduction of the program include: 

  • The uncompromisingly positive nature of the program and its effect on the emotional outlook of the participants involved.
  • The ability of the program to allow all children to ‘fit in’ and feel part of the school and community.
  • The dramatic positive effect on overall behaviour of the students in the course.
  • Improved perseverance skills from the students and teachers.
  • Goal setting skills have been dramatically improved.
  • Non-competitive engagement in physical activity for the participants.
  • Mentoring, Peer support, and cooperative learning skills dramatically improved for both students and teachers.
  • Students developing very important Self Directed learning skills, which is the ability to devise, implement, respond, and reflect on their own learning. The kids in this program show dramatic improvement in their ability to decide and judge options in all areas of their education.
  • Developing skills to effectively negotiate learning choices
  • Great improvement in self-esteem.

The program runs over 3 separate days, Monday 3-4pm training group which is mostly year 7/8/9, Wednesdays 3-4.45pm is the main performance group who work together to develop performances for shows and run team-building exercises. The troupe performs around 40 shows a year (averaged out over the last 3 years), mostly for primary schools and charity events. Performances of note include Telethon, Christmas pageant, Perth Fringe festival, HBF run for a reason, Circus Joseph Aston group show, Yohfest, South of the Swan Festival, Karribilly Children’s Foundation workshops, Parkerville Children’s Foundation shows, and Princess Margaret Hospital performances. Additionally this program has given the students involved the opportunity to perform in Disneyland and Universal studios USA, Melbourne at NICA, at Cocos Keeling Islands and most recently at Dreamworls Queensland.

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